Filippo Grassi
Agronomic research and development

Worked in an agritech startup in London and Kenya, he has a good understanding of the processes and challenges of starting an innovative agricultural business. He has a background in environmental sciences and has experimented with growing Salicornia in hydroponics in Greenlab, London.

Lodovica Guarnieri
Cultural programming

Venetian researcher, designer and curator, Lodovica’s work draws upon the entanglements between ecology and modern infrastructures. Her practice grapples with technoscience as it relates to extractivism, chemical exposure, colonialism, and their toxic afterlives in water ecologies. With a background in critical spatial practices and social design, Lodovica has gained seven years experience in curating performances, publications, pedagogical projects, public programmes and networks. These initiatives actively engage with local communities to uncover new material imaginaries for social and ecological justice.

Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun
Gastronomic research and development

Lagoon based chef with a background in eco-social design. He’s the initiator of Prometheus_open food lab, an initiative that works at the intersection of art, design, science and food production as means for exploring remote landscapes, restoring human ecological responsibility and fostering communities’ resilience. Testing his practice in different social and cultural environments, he developed good abilities in building tight, multidisciplinary, international networks. He works with Dolomiti Contemporanee, one of the most effective regenerative programmes in Italy.